How it's made:
website animations
(part 1)

Our idea was to create an uncommon view on our office spaces. Everybody is able to do a video shooting, isn’t it?
So we decided to 3D-scan the entire working space and warehousing creating a giant pointcloud (around 1 billion of points).

We made the scanning process manually, increasing the detail on some items to reduce the number of points recorded in the cloud.

We then started to clean all the unuseful points and errors, to speed up the calculation in the following processes. Managing billions of points it is a time consuming process due to the heavy hardware calculations.

We then merged the cleaned pointcloud in a single file, converted in a simplified mesh and reworked in Blender using a series of nodes and effectors to have the proper final result.

All the rest is just matter of camera, lighting and rendering done in realtime with Eevee engine.

via Torino 550/I
10032 Brandizzo (To)

via Tortona 31
20144 Milano