environment policy

Country Lab environmental policy is addressed to the protection of natural resources for future generations, taking action or principle to reduce human impact on the environment.

Synergic to the environmental policy is the research to new strategies and innovation to create a production with new efficient and sustainable materials.

Country Lab aims to continue to increase the proportion of renewable energy usage at our warehouse in an effort to minimize environmental impact. Many incorrectly believe that choosing sustainable products requires clients to compromise on price or performance, but we are able to combine performance, safety, efficiency, and competitive price. Country Lab projects will continue to grow but we guarantee to maintain high standards for our business pratices.

The Country Lab “Codice Etico” outline our expectations of all suppliers and partners who work with us, to ensure working conditions in our supply chain safe and humane, ensuring that workers are treated with respect and dignity and that manufacturing process are environmentally responsible. Country Lab suppliers are required to provide evidence to management system that ensure social, environmental and sustainability best practices in their own operations.

We are building with our employees a culture that is safe, fair, and incredibly important to promote our vision forward.

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